HARDI Australia has made significant advancements within the technological space, launching an indus

HARDI’s latest innovation in spraying technology, GeoSelect, developed in-house at HARDI Australia’s headquarters in South Australia, is a new system that enables centimetre perfect herbicide application and can reduce spraying costs by as much as 90 per cent. A selective spraying solution combines pre-scanned paddock insights with real-time metrics to enable the strategic, accurate and accountable chemical application.

Trials conducted by HARDI Australia last June showed the selective program resulted in only 17.4 per cent of a paddock sprayed, an 82.6pc saving on chemicals compared to a blanket spray. Testing also showed a 99.7pc-hit rate.

As presented at the HARDI showcase, HARDI Australia innovations manager, Heath Thompson, said where their new product differed from similar technology was the retention of data and the quality of images used.

"We have developed a new product based around capturing data, processing that data and issuing machine instructions,” he said.

"When you use GeoSelect, you know exactly where and how you should spray before you enter the paddock,"

Mr Thompson said there were numerous advantages to a de-coupled system including knowing where to spray before you entered a paddock and the ability to spray at night.

"Where your traditional sprayer thinks your boom is compared to where it is might be something completely different.

Unlike prescription mapping systems, GeoSelect is not restricted by farm size. Boom width is also scalable to suit the grower’s needs, in contrast to conventional systems, which require one camera to be mounted along every metre of the boom’s width.

Based on the current usage of GeoSelect, the drone can scan and process images from 1000 hectares a day, with technology being enhanced and new progress made each flight.

Mr Thompson stated, "With GeoSelect, you will save on labour, fuel, ground compaction and machine depreciation.

Why choose GeoSelect?

GeoSelect provides farmers with real-time information and suggestions on spraying practices, such as the optimum speed to drive at in certain parts of the paddock to achieve maximum efficiency and savings, or skipping certain run lines altogether due to the absence of weeds in a particular area.

HARDI's GeoSelect is now available as an additional option to HARDI's Self-Propelled range, including the RUBICON, SARITOR, and ALPHA EVO.

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